Years of experience and contacts throughout the insurance market allow us to access a very wide range of insurers and products but the following are our areas of expertise where we can quickly and effectively solve your insurance  issues:


i.    Employers Public and Products Liability
High Risk, SME, Sports & Leisure, UK & International, Offshore and Marine
ii.    Property Owners Liability
Renovations, Unoccupancy, Difficult trades and international exposures
iii.    Professional Indemnity
Miscellaneous & All professional classes
iv.    Medical Malpractice
UK & International, direct & reinsurance including a specialised challenged Dental/Medical risk product to help re-establish your practice after a DDU/MDU ruling.
v.    Directors and Officers / Management Liability
UK & International, direct & reinsurance
vi.    Errors and Omissions
Lloyd’s and Non-Lloyd’s brokers, UK & International, direct & reinsurance


Commercial Property including unoccupied property, difficult construction and claims histories, renovation projects and almost all trades.
i    Commercial Property & Property Owners
ii    Commercial Combined Insurance for High Risk, SME, Sports & Leisure, UK & International
difficult constructions and multi-tenures, poor claims history

**New Product**
Working from home? Our speciality facility enables us to offer a commercial household product that covers the grey areas that arise when you run a business from your home.


We offer a comprehensive range of products including
Personal Accident and sickness for individuals, groups, companies, affiliation groups, amateur and professional sports and high risk locations
Loss of License
Dangerous and exposed occupations and projects


Ship Repairers and Stevedores Liability, PL, Ports, Cargo, Logistics